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Hardware parts oil and rust removal ultrasonic cleaning machine

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Ultrasonic generator generated by high frequency vibration signal. Through the transducer into high-frequency mechanical vibration and spread to the medium. Ultrasonic waves in the cleaning fluid sparse and dense forward radiation. Make the liquid activity and the occurrence of tens of thousands of fine bubbles. Existing in the liquid of the fine bubbles in the sound field effect of vibration. When the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubbles grow rapidly. Then it suddenly closes, and a shock wave occurs when the bubble closes. Damage insoluble dirt and make them loose in the cleaning liquid, solid particles are separated. Then reach the purpose of cleaning the exterior of the parts.

Cleaning of hardware parts

Cleaning of hardware parts

The characteristics

1、Using environmentally friendly water-based neutral cleaning agent, pure water, etc.
2、Fully automatic in the machine to complete the workpiece transfer, cleaning, drying, anti-rust process.
3、Specially designed rotating + throwing mechanism to get thorough and even cleaning.
4、It is fully enclosed design, simple and reliable, easy to maintain.

Principle of ultrasonic cleaning

Principle of ultrasonic cleaning

5、The tank body is imported stainless steel structure, acid and alkali resistant.
6、Setting fast hot air drying system, fast drying workpiece.
7、Setting independent digital display temperature control system for each tank, automatic temperature control heating device, temperature control range of room temperature -110 ℃.
8、Adopt advanced ultrasonic generation line and imported high-quality transducer, high energy conversion efficiency

Hardware Ultrasonic Cleaner

Hardware Ultrasonic Cleaner

Application range

Electronic parts, electroplating parts before treatment, hardware stamping parts, small and medium-sized bearings and other products such as rough washing, rinsing, dehydration and rust prevention surface treatment.

Ultrasonic cleaner is better than traditional cleaning methods. The cleaning time is shorter. Cleaning cleanliness is improved. It can save our labor cost and improve the cleaning efficiency. It is the best cleaning method at present.

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