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Efficient solution for cleaning glasses

Granbo Lens Ultrasonic Cleaning machine

Granbo Lens Ultrasonic Cleaning machine

How to clean glasses in daily life without hurting the lenses?
Choose ultrasonic cleaning machine is a good way.
People who often wear glasses will encounter the problem that
When glasses are worn for a long time, they will stick to a lot of dust and oil, dry wipe with a cloth will wear out the lenses, and it is difficult to clean them with water.
After wearing glasses for so long, many people don’t realize how dirty they are. Now, most of the optical stores have started to use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean glasses.

Why Choose Ultrasonic Cleaning For Lens?
Ultrasonic cleaning is based on ultrasound in the cleaning liquid medium, the transmission, the unique “cavitation effect” physical effect, “cavitation effect”, the formation of microscopic strong shock waves, and high-speed jets, acting on the surface of the object to be cleaned, so that the dirt quickly crushed, stripped, to achieve high quality, high efficiency cleaning purposes.
As a result of ultrasonic force, tens of thousands of tiny bubbles can be under the action of ultrasound to maintain vibration, when the sound intensity or sound pressure by the pressure reaches a certain level, the bubble will rapidly expand, and then suddenly closed. In this process, the moment of bubble closure will produce shock waves, so that the bubble around the pressure of 1012-1013pa and the Bureau of temperature regulation, this ultrasonic cavitation generated by the huge pressure can destroy insoluble dirt, so that the dirt stripped away from the surface of the object process.

Granbo Lens Ultrasonic Cleaning machine 2

Granbo GA008G Ultrasonic Cleaner

Best Choice for Lens

GA008-Ultrasonic-cleaner 121

Digital Control + Timer + Degas
SUS304 Stainless steel tank and basket has resistance to wear and long work life.
Use just tab water, or industrial alcohol and solvent cleaner for higher cleaning requirement
Industrial control chip microcontroller. Flexible circuit boards control, more secure & stable

Ultrasonic power: 60W
Tank capacity:0.8L
Tank size:150*85*65mm
Unit size:175*110*125mm
Tank material:SUS304
Timer:Digital 1~30min adjustable
Housing material:SUS201
Voltage:AC 100~120V, 60Hz
AC 220~240V, 50Hz
More Features:Digital Control + Timer + Degas

Granbo Lens Ultrasonic Cleaning machine 3

Applicable Optical device
Applicable workpiece products and materials: Lens, prism, lens, filter lens, glass device, Film, fiber, etc.
Optical Industry Glasses and Timepieces : Glasses, Sunglasses, Optical Lenses, Contact Lens Accessories, Optical Lenses, Contact Cases, Watch Chains, and Waterproof Watches.

Granbo Lens Ultrasonic Cleaning machine 4

Safely Removing Dirt
Remove oil, sweat, and ash on the Optical instruments and all kinds of lenses, etc.
Removal of grease and dust from optical microscope lenses, camera lenses, and quartz precision glassware

Tools and materials which are needed: an ultrasonic cleaning machine, a glasses, a bottle of glasses special cleaning agent

the prepared glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine placed on a flat table, open the top cover of the cleaning machine, into the glasses (note that the lens must be placed facing upward to prevent the lens contact bottom scratch.)
in the cleaning box filled with water or tap water, pay attention not to exceed the highest water level line. You can add 1-2 drops of special cleaning agent for glasses to the water;
plug into the socket, press the on button, 3-5 minutes to stop working automatically;
after the machine stops, remove the glasses and gently shake off the water on the surface of the glasses;
the glasses cleaning machine in the water pour off, dry the cleaning machine, put in a dry and cool place to store.
The above is the correct cleaning glasses five steps, ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning glasses method you understand?
The use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment operations should never ignore the six major details

cleaning basket: cleaning basket is recommended to use stainless steel basket, do not use plastic basket, to prevent static electricity generation;
cleaning time: cleaning time for each process is set at 3-5 minutes, if the surface area of the cleaning object is large or complex structure can be adjusted according to the situation appropriate cleaning time. If the cleaning material is prone to overlap, adhesion phenomenon, in the cleaning material into and out of the tank liquid, shake the workpiece, so that the cleaning agent fully in contact with the workpiece to improve the cleaning effect.
the staff standard operation: draining should be the first cleaning basket tilted at an angle of 45 degrees placed on the edge of the cleaning tank draining, lifting can not be dripping ultrasonic cleaning agent dripping into the next tank;
add liquid: tank liquid can not be added too full, so as not to occur between the two tanks of ultrasonic cleaning agent mixed with each other and drained when the bottom of the cleaning basket mucus phenomenon;
Granbosonic Optical Glasses Ultrasonic Cleaner:
The portable design ultrasonic cleaner fits size very easy to carry and store, can keep your items clean no matter where you go. Is a good cleaning helper in your life. You should have one.

granbo ultrasonic lens Cleaning effect