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Nice Partner Of Lp Vinyl Record

Granbosonic records ultrasonic cleaner

Vinyl Record Ultrasonic cleaner

We all want to keep our valuable LP vinyl record/CD/disc clean and shiny, but usually, it takes time and money. With our ultrasonic record cleaner, only 5 minutes is needed for the whole cleaning process.


Vinyl record companies/CD stores/disc shops/music lovers/CD fans can rely on ultrasonic cleaning technology to remove dirt and contamination so that the sound quality can be improved effectively. Ultrasonic cleaning is the best safety restoration process for vinyl record and produces high-quality results far faster and more effectively than traditional record cleaning methods.

We know that the cleanliness of your vinyl records effects the sound quality. Count on us to provide the tools and support you need to maximize your records quality.

GS0636 — LP Vinyl Record Ultrasonic Cleaner

Granbosonic vinyl record cleaning machine, which is an export model for overseas markets for many years.
GS0306 ultrasonic cleaner is recommended as the suitable washer with digital control panel timer heater degas adjustment function.The sus304 body has a simple and beautiful design.

GS0306 Granbosonic records ultrasonic cleaner


Model Number: GS0306
Power (W): 180W, 3 Transducers
Voltage (V): AC 110~120V, 60Hz; AC 220~240V, 50Hz
Capacity: 6.5L
Tank Size:300x150x150mm
Unit Size: 325x175x270mm
Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz
Degas mode: Support
Timer: Digital 1~30mins adjustable
Heater: Digital 20~80℃ adjustable
Heating power: 300W
Tank material: Stainless Steel SUS304

Do not use the appliance outdoors. This appliance is not designed for use with an external time switch or any other separate remote control system.
Do not clean any objects with scratched surfaces as existing scratches may be made worse by an ultrasonic treatment.

 lifting bracket

1~30mins Adjustable

20-80℃ Adjustable

SUS304 Stainless Steel 

Granbosonic records ultrasonic cleaner 3
Granbosonic records ultrasonic cleaner 7

Cleaning solution: use tap water, industrial alcohol or special solvent for higher cleaning demand.
Circuit board: Industrial micro-controller chip, separately-excited trigger circuit, safe and stable for long time running.
Power supply: power cord adopts industrial level standards with heat-resistant and softed-resistant.
Digital degas: the new mode prevents oxidation of articles and improves cleaning efficiency.

GS0306 Granbosonic records ultrasonic cleaner 1

Plastic liftable rack or metal lifting bracket for CD Record discs
Use of tap water, pure water; appropriate addition of cleaning solution according to the type of product.
High power transducer cleaning, observable with the eyes.
Shiny and luminous objects after ultrasonic cleaning.
Digital LCD display to control time and temperature.
SUS304 stainless steel shell and liner, more sturdy and durable.
40Khz Frequency and other customized options.