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The Most Effective Solution For Cleaning Your Firearm

Granbo Ultrasonic Cleaner For Guns

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There are more than 10 parts after a firearm is completely disassembled, and although there are accessories available, some complex parts are still difficult to wipe clean, and some people use toothbrushes, double-headed crochet needles, etc. as clean tools.
How much time do you spend in the traditional firearm cleaning method? It takes more than 1 hour for each maintenance, and brushes are unable to reach all surfaces of the part to be cleaned.
Can ultrasonic cleaning be used instead of manual wiping?
Yes, and it is necessary.
While ultrasonic cleaning has been around for over 30 years, ultrasonic products have been wildly used in medical and aerospace industries.
Ultrasonic cleaning offers a sound alternative to firearm parts cleaning methods.

Principle Of Ultrasonic Cleaning

The firearm ultrasonic cleaner uses the principle of ultrasonic physical oscillation, then uses the power of imploding (not exploding) microscopic bubbles in a process called cavitation, combines water and a detergent to remove grease, grime and other contaminants from various firearm parts being cleaned and hard-to-clean components, and can make firearm parts look like new and shiny.
Ultrasonic cleaning is a physical process, also far faster and more efficiently than traditional cleaning methods.
What’s more? Ultrasonic cleaning is able to penetrate and clean any surface that brushes can’t be reached. You will be delighted and and use it to replace manual cleaning.

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 GX1530-Ultrasonic Cleaner For Guns

Recommendations From Firearms Professionals

1~30mins Adjustable

Digital Degas

Power Adjustable


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Tank capacity: 30L
Digital control panel + Timer + Heater + Degassing + Semiwave + Power Adjustable
SUS304 Stainless steel tank and basket has resistance to wear and long work life.
Use just tab water, or industrial alcohol and solvent cleaner for higher cleaning requirement
Industrial control chip microcontroller. Flexible circuit boards control, more secure & stable
Temperature tunable from 20°C to 95°C; Timer: 1~99min adjustable.


Ultrasonic power:0-900W
Heating power:600W
Tank size:500*300*200mm
Unit size:530*330*330mm
Tank material:SUS304
Housing material:SUS201

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General Firearms Applications

Efficiently removing:dirt, dust, and sediment,carbons buildup,dissolves oil,oil and grease,powder residue,soot and smoke,residues,fingerprint,metal shavings,dust particles,rust from metal parts,sweat stains,etc.

  • pistol
  • handgun
  • machine gun
  • musket
  • assault rifle
  • Semi-automatic rifle
  • (micro-sound) sniper rifle
  • light/medium/heavy machine gun
  • submachine gun
  • combat shotguns
  • revolver
  • air gun
  • rimfire
  • spray gun
  • tattoo guns and tubes
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  • Gun Accessories Maintenance
  • Gun Parts Cleaning
  • barrel, chamber,
  • bolt, bolt head, bolt lug
  • Bolt Carrier
  • Gas tube,magazine
  • piston action, actions
  • upper/lower receivers
  • triggers assemblies
  • sights, micro-optical sights
  • bipods
  • pistol tool
  • Hunting Gear, cutlery, knives, cutting and chopping tools
  • Shooting Gear, M7 bayonet
  • recoil spring