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How to troubleshoot the cause of the industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine without ultrasonic output?

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The industrial ultrasonic cleaner mainly uses the ultrasonic output function to achieve the ideal cleaning effect when cleaning objects, but once there is no ultrasonic output, it will be found that the cleaning effect is extremely poor, so what should I do if the ultrasonic cleaner fails to output ultrasonic waves?

Granbosonic Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Granbosonic Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

When the industrial ultrasonic cleaner encounters no ultrasonic output when cleaning objects, it should be looked for from two aspects. Troubleshoot first, then find a solution.

1. There is ultrasound, the sound of the ultrasound is very abnormal, and the strength of the ultrasound is not good.

Use a frequency meter to check that the output frequency is within the range of the transducer. The 28KHZ transducer should be 27KHZ-31KHZ, and the 40KHZ transducer should be 38KHZ-42KHZ. If the difference is too large, the normal working frequency can be restored by adjusting the frequency potentiometer.

2. The ultrasonic generator works normally, and the power cannot be adjusted.

Check whether there is a problem with the thyristor, and then use a multimeter to measure whether the three pins of the thyristor are short-circuited, mainly to see whether the two feet of the thyristor are turned on.

Granbosonic Ultrasonic Generator

Granbosonic Ultrasonic Generator

3. There is no ultrasonic output, and the cooling fan runs normally.

Check whether the generator power tube is burnt out. If the power tube is burned out, you can observe whether the fuse of the generator power board is blown. If blown, replace the power tube and fuse resistor.

4. The ultrasonic generator of the industrial cleaning machine is short-circuited and cannot be closed, and it will trip as soon as it is closed.

Check whether the generator power cord is short-circuited, and whether there is a problem with the generator rectifier bridge (take a multimeter diode gear) to measure whether the four feet are short-circuited.



5. No ultrasonic waves are generated, and the indicator light of the cooling fan is always on.

Check whether there is frequency output on the generator drive board, or disconnect the vibrator output line, measure the output of the generator with a multimeter (the output transformer is powered on (both ends), take the voltage range of AC750V, and adjust the external potentiometer to see if there is a voltage of 180~ 240V, if there is a voltage of 180~240V, check whether the vibrator is short-circuited, then turn on the multimeter and check whether it is connected.

6. No ultrasound and no output.

For example, the indicator light of the generator, the fan also rotates, and the frequency is displayed. If there is no output, see if the thyristor is damaged. If not, check whether the control part of the thyristor is normal, and see if the generator driver board 7812 has a 12V regulated output. If there is or see if there is a problem with the 772 in the thyristor control section of the launchpad. Replace if so.

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