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Daily maintenance and maintenance specifications of ultrasonic cleaning machine

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Daily maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. Power supply: Use the power supply and power cord that meet the equipment specifications. The user’s power supply circuit must be equipped with an air switch dedicated to the washing machine to cut off the power supply of the washing machine when needed;
2. Grounding wire: The body and generator of the cleaning machine produced by our company will be equipped with a special grounding wire on its power lead, which is clearly distinguished from other wires, because this equipment is closely related to water, corrosive (swelling) liquid level Contact, it is easy to cause leakage, please connect the grounding wire according to safety requirements;
3. The equipment uses non-flammable detergents. Do not use flammable and explosive substances as detergents. The use of the equipment must ensure that it is far away from flammable and explosive substances. When users must use certain substances under special circumstances. You must consult our company to confirm safety and take corresponding safety precautions;
4. No liquid or insufficient liquid level in the cleaning tank will cause irreversible damage to the equipment. When using it, it is necessary to ensure that a sufficient amount of cleaning liquid is injected into the tank. Otherwise the related electric heaters, pumps and ultrasonic vibrators may be damaged and damaged. May cause fire and personal injury;
GRANBO Ultrasonic Cleaner

GRANBO Ultrasonic Cleaner

5. Be careful not to splash water into the electrical control box and related electrical components, and keep away from water vapor, corrosive gas, dust, etc.;

6. When the equipment is abnormal, please contact our company in time or stop the power supply and have an experienced professional electrician check it;

7. The work piece to be cleaned should be hung with a washing basket or hanger with feet, and placed in the tank for cleaning. It is forbidden to place the work piece directly into the bottom of the tank for cleaning, otherwise it may cause damage to the workpiece and the bottom of the tank;

8. When the equipment is operating, there may be factors that may cause personal injury such as high temperature, high pressure, electrical component terminal surface, transmission mechanism movement, pressure sudden movement, etc. the next job;

9. When the equipment is not used for a long time, please release the cleaning solution, dry the inner tank and the surface and protect it with a film to prevent the corrosion and aging of the equipment from accelerating;

10. Keep the equipment workplace ventilated, dry and clean, which is conducive to the long-term efficient operation of the equipment and the optimization of the working environment conditions;

GRANBO Ultrasonic Cleaner Testing

GRANBO Ultrasonic Cleaner Testing

11. When the cleaning liquid is too dirty, it should be dealt with in time, and the dirt in the cleaning tank and the liquid storage tank should be cleaned regularly to keep the cleaning tank and its appearance clean, which can improve the durability of the cleaning tank;

Maintenance specifications for ultrasonic cleaners

1: The power supply is AC 380v. (three-phase four-wire)

2: First connect the signal line between the ultrasonic power supply and the cleaning tank. (check mark connection)

3: Add liquid to the cleaning tank, the height is about 300mm. When the liquid in the liquid storage tank reaches half of the height of the liquid storage tank, the temperature is 40-55 degrees.

4: Put the work piece to be cleaned into the cleaning tank, and try not to directly touch the bottom of the work piece. Do not hit the side walls of the cleaning tank.



5: Set the time for the ultrasonic wave to work (note that the time cannot be zero). Press the start button of the ultrasonic wave, and the ultrasonic wave starts to work.

6: The cleaning time is determined by itself according to the degree of oil pollution of the work piece.

7: When the circulating filter is closed, please close the filter outlet valve.

8: Regularly clean the sludge at the bottom of the cleaning tank.

9: If the equipment is not used for a long time (7 days) in summer, the liquid in the cleaning tank should be drained cleanly, and the tank should not freeze in winter.

10: If there is a lot of dust in the workshop, use compressed air to clean the dust in the power distribution cabinet every month.

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