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The use scene and practicality of ultrasonic cleaning machine

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Why do people generally use ultrasonic cleaners to clean products now? Because the practicability of ultrasonic cleaners is particularly strong!



1. Fast speed and good effect

Compared with traditional manual cleaning methods, soaking, steaming and other methods generally consume a lot of time, and the cleaning is not uniform. The ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts the ultrasonic cleaning method, which uses the medium for conduction to make the surface stains fall off. It can cover the entire area where water can penetrate the workpiece, and the grooves and edges can be cleaned ultrasonically. Usually, a large number of workpieces can be cleaned in a few minutes.

2. No contact cleaning

Using ultrasonic cleaning eliminates the need to manually clean items by soaking the workpiece with traditional solvents. Manual cleaning cannot meet the requirements of safety and cleanliness. Use an ultrasonic cleaner to place items into the wash tank and solvent into the wash tank. It can vibrate and clean a large number of items, which is fast, environmentally friendly and safe!

3. Save labor and use environmental protection

Ultrasonic cleaning machine can realize the recycling of organic solution. In addition to environmental protection, it more effectively solves problems such as site use and labor costs.

It is also worth mentioning that the application of ultrasonic cleaning machines can be described as covering all aspects of our lives:

ultrasonic cleaner application

ultrasonic cleaner application

1. Household ultrasonic cleaning machine

Household ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used to clean daily necessities, such as glasses, watches, stamps, milk bottles, coffee cups, teapots, water glasses, wine glasses, glasses, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, electronic products, dentures, printer ink heads, razor blades , nibs, toothbrushes, coins, badges and other items.

2. Commercial ultrasonic cleaner

Commercial ultrasonic cleaning machines are mainly used in the cleaning of special instruments in laboratories, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, physics, zoology, agronomy, food, pharmaceuticals and other industries, as well as sample pretreatment, crushing, emulsification, Dispersion, solubilization, extraction, defoaming and degassing, acceleration of chemical reactions, etc. Also suitable for high cleanliness cleaning of high precision parts.

3. Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine is used in watch industry, glasses industry, electroplating industry, electronics industry, precision hardware industry, medical industry, etc.



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