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Which ultrasonic cleaning equipment is good, and how to choose an ultrasonic cleaning machine

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Granbosonic Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Granbosonic Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Which ultrasonic cleaning equipment is good? Enterprises or individuals who want to buy ultrasonic cleaning equipment have such a question! So with so many ultrasonic cleaning equipment manufacturers, which ultrasonic cleaning equipment is good? How to distinguish?

First look at ultrasound frequency

Most of the ultrasonic cleaning machines on the market have a frequency of around 40~50kHz. This frequency stage is a moderate frequency band, which is in line with the use of most scenarios. However, because this frequency band is widely used, the quality of the vibrator (ie, the transducer) varies. For ultrasonic cleaners with high frequency (about 100kHz) or low frequency (25kHz) frequency band, the quality of the vibrator is relatively good, especially for some dual-frequency machines, the vibrator must be better than the single-frequency machine. Therefore, when purchasing, if conditions permit, you can choose a dual-frequency machine first, and then choose high-frequency or low-frequency according to the object to be cleaned.

the choice of power and frequency

the choice of power and frequency

Second look at the power

The higher the power, the better the cleaning effect, there is no doubt. But too high power will corrode the objects to be cleaned, so too much power is not good. So how should we choose? In fact, some manufacturers have also taken this into account. All, some cleaning machines can adjust the ultrasonic power by themselves, and 1% to 99% can be adjusted. Equipment with adjustable power function, try to buy high-power equipment if conditions permit.

Third voices

Listening to the sound refers to listening to the sound of the device when it is working. In theory, ultrasound is a sound that the human ear cannot hear, but in practice, the ultrasonic cleaning machine will emit a certain amount of noise, which is caused by various reasons. When two devices have basically the same material and the same power and frequency, which one has less noise indicates better quality. The reason is that:

When the vibrator is working, it is not 100% in the ultrasonic frequency band. A good vibrator spends more time in the ultrasonic frequency band, and the noise is small.

The noise is small, indicating that the sealing between the materials is good, that is, the manufacturing process requirements are relatively high, and such equipment is more durable.

It shows that the manufacturer is really thinking about customers, and such a manufacturer will be better in products and services.

Granbosonic Factory Environment

Granbosonic Factory Environment

Fourth to see whether the after-sales service of ultrasonic cleaning equipment manufacturers is perfect

One of the important reasons for after-sales is that if there is a problem with products such as ultrasonic cleaning machines or maintenance, ordinary people cannot do it at all, and professional merchants are often required to deal with them. Therefore, considering that it can be repaired quickly in the event of failure, and can regularly carry out product maintenance and other aspects, after-sales service is very important for us to select relevant manufacturers.

Which ultrasonic cleaning equipment is good? Pay attention to the quality of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, and product assurance is always a symbol of a brand’s strength. At present, the Granbo ultrasonic cleaning machine, a well-known brand in the ultrasonic cleaning industry, has undergone strict inspections from every vibrator, every circuit board, and every process of the product. This not only makes the Granbo brand more advantageous than other brands in the market and is more favored by users, but also hopes that consumers can truly enjoy high-quality ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

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