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How to customize an ultrasonic cleaner and what factors need to be considered?

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With the increase in the diversity of market demand, when the standard model of ultrasonic cleaning machine cannot meet your own needs, do you have an idea of ​​​​customizing an ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment yourself?

Granbo Customized Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

Granbo Customized Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

Every year, Granbo can receive many orders for customized ultrasonic cleaners, but for customers, if you want to customize ultrasonic cleaners, then you have to consider some necessary factors.

Seven factors to consider when customizing an ultrasonic cleaner

1. Functional requirements

First of all, you must clarify your own functional requirements. The common functions of ultrasonic cleaning machines include heating, timing function, dual-wave degassing, adjustable power, variable wave, PLUS, PLC panel, filter cycle, drying, spraying, rinsing, Condensation, throwing, lifting, bubbling and other functions.

2. Tank material

The main material on the market is 304 stainless steel. If weak acids and bases are required, 316 stainless steel is recommended. In order to obtain strong acid and alkali resistance, titanium plate is recommended. Pay attention to the match between the cleaning fluid and the tank material.

3. The size of the water tank

Design the tank according to the size of the items to be cleaned and the amount of each cleaning. Determine the size of the water tank for your own needs, and you can design the production size according to your requirements.

4. Ultrasonic power

The ultrasonic power determines the cleaning intensity. Different powers have different cleaning effects on stains. For some types of stains, using low-power ultrasonic cleaning equipment will not only take a long time, but may also leave stain residues. High-power ultrasonic cleaning equipment It is very easy to clean the stains. This is because the greater the power of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment, the greater the cavitation intensity, which can effectively improve the cleaning effect, but not every work piece needs high power for cleaning. , so you have to know your own needs or consult the ultrasonic cleaning machine service provider in detail about the kind of power you need.

Granbo Industrial Ultrasonic cleaners

Granbo Industrial Ultrasonic cleaners

5. Ultrasonic frequency

The higher the frequency, the lower the intensity and the stronger the penetration. The smaller the frequency, the stronger the intensity and the weaker the penetration. Common frequencies on the market are 40KHz and 28KHz. If you want to clean small objects with large blind holes, you can choose a 40KHz ultrasonic cleaner. If you need to clean the surface, 28KHz is better.

However, if you need to clean parts with small gaps, slits and deep holes, high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning equipment should be used, and equipment with frequency modulation function can be used for cleaning extremely fine parts such as watches and clocks. Therefore, when customizing the ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer, we must understand the frequency range of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment, and we must also clarify whether we need a single-frequency or multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine.

6. Heating power

The heating power of the ultrasonic cleaner is important to remove oil and wax. Generally speaking, it takes half an hour to heat the water, then the heating power can be increased.

7. Overall size

After confirming the tank size, determine the overall size. But you can choose where to place the transducer, which affects the size of the product used.



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