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Vibrator of ultrasonic cleaning machine — Application skills of vibrator of ultrasonic cleaning machine

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Ultrasonic cleaning machine is used to clean specific items, such as jewelry and other valuables. The vibrator of ultrasonic cleaning machine is one of the small parts. The ultrasonic cleaning machine is easy to operate in use and is popular with consumers. So, what should we pay attention to when using the vibrator of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Ultrasonic cleaner vibrator – Safe operation procedure for ultrasonic cleaner vibrator

Ultrasonic vibrators

Ultrasonic vibrators

Check whether the power supply is normal, whether the switch is normal, whether the indicator light and indicator are normal, and ensure that the cleaning tank is clean. Put in the cleaning solution, and then turn on the working power supply. Observe whether the reading of the current indicator is between 80-100 degrees. If the temperature of the cleaning solution is between 40-60 degrees, small bubbles will appear in the sink with a “squeak, squeak” sound, which means that normal cleaning starts.


1. The cleaning machine should be placed in a clean, dry and environment free of strong corrosive gas, and avoid violent vibration.

Ultrasonic vibrator assembly

Ultrasonic vibrator assembly

2. Sufficient heat dissipation space shall be reserved on the back of the generator. 3. Ensure that the machine is well grounded to avoid personal injury accidents.


4. Do not immerse your fingers in the cleaning solution when the cleaning machine is working.


5. It is forbidden to start the machine under no-load condition. Before starting the machine, the cleaning solution must be poured into the cleaning tank according to the liquid level specified in the instructions.

6. The object to be cleaned shall not contact the bottom of the tank. It is recommended to put the workpiece into the basket for cleaning.

Ultrasonic technology features

Ultrasonic technology features

Vibrator of ultrasonic cleaning machine – application of vibrator of ultrasonic cleaning machine

This instrument is specially designed for chemical reaction, chemical synthesis, biological drug synthesis, biological material degradation, recombination, and traditional Chinese medicine extraction that require constant temperature and ultrasound. It is a special instrument developed for temperature control and cleaning of precision instrument components. The instrument is composed of ultrasonic, imported closed non fluorine compressor, 304 stainless steel heater, 304 stainless steel tank, microcomputer control, large screen LCD display, drain valve, basket, stainless steel cover and other components. The instrument is easy to use. The ultrasonic power, ultrasonic time and reaction temperature can be set at will. Working parameters, power off memory, temperature accuracy+1 ℃, which can not be achieved by ordinary ultrasound, can meet the different experimental requirements of the experimenter.


The above article introduces the precautions for the use of the vibrator of the ultrasonic cleaner. It is not difficult to see from the above that the vibrator of the ultrasonic cleaner must refer to the instructions. Otherwise, it is trivial to damage the machine while using it, and it is important to damage the items that need cleaning. We must pay attention to it.

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