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Use method and precautions of single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine

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The single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine uses cavitation to improve the cleaning effect several times or more.

After the liquid is put into the cleaning machine and loaded, the ultrasonic wave in the cleaning liquid is a high-frequency wave with dense and dense phases and radiating propagation. Make the liquid vibrate back and forth at high speed, and the positive pressure area cannot be compensated by the surrounding liquid. Countless vacuum bubbles are formed, and the small bubbles in the positive pressure area suddenly close under pressure. Due to the collision between liquids, a strong shock wave is formed in the closing process, forming an instantaneous high pressure of up to thousands of atmospheres, which acts on the cleaned workpiece. Adsorb the oil stain on the workpiece. Under the continuous high pressure and rapid action, the impurities can quickly leave the workpiece. So as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning coins

Ultrasonic cleaning coins

Application of single tank ultrasonic cleaner


1. Put the articles to be cleaned into the cleaning basket of the single tank cleaning machine, and then put the cleaning basket into the cleaning tank. Do not directly put the articles into the cleaning tank to prevent damage to the equipment and cleaning effect.

2. According to the cleaning effect of different products, pour cleaning liquid, water or aqueous solution in proportion. The water level shall not be lower than 60mm and higher than 80mm.

3. Connect the three core socket of 220V / 50Hz power supply and power supply.

4. Turn on the switch button of the single tank ultrasonic washer, and the green switch will light up to show normal operation.

5. According to the requirements of cleaning articles, turn on the temperature control of the ultrasonic cleaner to adjust the temperature.

6. When the temperature indicator goes out and the heater meets the requirements, the heater will stop working. If the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the heater will continue to actively heat.

High Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning

7. When the product cleaning requirements are met, the cleaning timer can be turned on and the working time of the timer can be set according to the product cleaning requirements.

8. Generally, the cleaning time is between 10 minutes and 20 minutes. For the workpiece that is difficult to clean, the cleaning time can be extended appropriately to ensure the cleaning effect.

9. The orientation of the timer can be arbitrarily adjusted for 1-20 minutes, or can be adjusted to the normal direction. Generally, the cleaning time is 10-20 minutes. For parts that are particularly difficult to clean, the cleaning time can be extended appropriately.

10. After cleaning, the cleaning tank can clean the cleaning basket with warm water or in other solvent-free warm water cleaning tanks.

11. Dry cleaning, sorting and assembling shall be carried out after the articles are cleaned.


Precautions for single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine

Technical features of cleaning machine

Technical features of cleaning machine

In order to prolong the service life, it is recommended that the equipment be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and the fan hole on the rear side of the generator should be cleaned regularly. The four sides of the generator are provided with ventilation holes to make the air flow unimpeded.


1. The cleaning tank must be filled with liquid before it can be powered on for operation. The water level is > 100mm (bottom vibration type) and placed horizontally. The transducer is at the side and 100mm along the cleaning tank. If the machine is started under air conditions, it will damage the machine.

2. When the temperature of the cleaning cylinder is normal temperature, do not directly inject high-temperature liquid into the cylinder, otherwise the transducer will become loose and affect the normal use of the machine.

3. If the cleaning liquid needs to be replaced due to pollution, do not directly inject low-temperature liquid into the high-temperature cylinder, which will cause the transducer to fall down. Turn off the heater switch together to avoid damage due to the absence of liquid in the heater tank.

4. Check the sensor regularly, and do not make it wet or collide, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. Turn off the main power supply after use. After turning off the power, do not start from the beginning immediately, and the interval should be more than 1 minute.

Now ultrasonic cleaning machines are more and more widely used. Ultrasonic cleaning machines are used in industries such as glasses, jewelry, circuit boards, aluminum blocks, experimental instruments, hardware and electronic components. If you are interested in ultrasonic cleaning machines, please contact our company.



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