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Ultrasonic cleaning machine – basic introduction and maintenance methods

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With the development and progress of industrial production, ultrasonic cleaners have been widely used in many industrial production and daily life, such as cleaning precision instruments such as clocks, jewelry, glasses, optical instruments, etc. People who have been equipped with glasses have used ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean glasses, which uses the principle of sound wave propagation and vibration in liquid to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Today, I will introduce its working principle and maintenance method.

Working principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Optical Lenses

Optical Lenses

The principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly to convert the transducer, the sound energy of the power ultrasonic frequency source, into mechanical vibration, and radiate the cleaning solution in the tank to the ultrasonic wave through the cleaning tank wall. Because of the radiated ultrasonic wave, the microbubbles in the liquid in the tank can keep vibrating under the action of the acoustic wave. When the sound pressure or sound intensity is under pressure to a certain extent, the bubbles will expand rapidly and then close suddenly. In this process, the shock wave is generated at the moment of bubble closure, causing 1012-1013pa pressure and local temperature regulation around the bubble. The huge pressure generated by this ultrasonic cavitation can destroy insoluble dirt and cause them to differentiate into solution. The direct reverse impact of vapor cavitation on dirt.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine repair

Ultrasonic cleaning machine repair

On the one hand, it can destroy the adsorption of the dirt and the surface of the cleaning part, on the other hand, it can cause the fatigue damage of the dirt layer and be detached. The vibration of the gas bubbles scrubs the solid surface. Once the dirt layer has a seam to drill, the bubbles immediately “drill in” and vibrate to make the dirt layer fall off. Due to the role of cavitation, the two liquids are rapidly dispersed at the interface and emulsified. When the solid particles are wrapped in oil and adhere to the surface of the cleaning part, the oil is emulsified The solid particles fall off by themselves, and the ultrasonic wave will produce positive and negative alternating sound pressure when it travels in the cleaning solution, forming a jet and impacting the cleaning parts. At the same time, due to the nonlinear effect, it will produce acoustic flow and micro acoustic flow, while the ultrasonic cavitation will produce high-speed micro jet at the solid and liquid interface. All these effects can destroy the dirt, remove or weaken the boundary dirt layer, increase the mixing and diffusion effects, and accelerate the dissolution of soluble dirt, Strengthen the cleaning effect of chemical cleaning agents.


Ultrasonic cleaner – what if the ultrasonic cleaner breaks down?

Problem 1: Unable to start the machine

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner

First, we should check whether the power supply is connected. Many customers do not connect the power supply properly, so they think that the machine does not work and cannot be started. As a result, it is OK again under the guidance of our technicians. According to our statistics, more than 60% of the non startup problems are caused by power failure. It is very simple to check the power supply. You can plug other appliances into the original socket to see if they can work. If not, it means that the power supply is not connected properly.


Problem 2: The power indicator does not light up


Some machines do not work suddenly after using them for a period of time, and the power indicator does not light up. After the power supply is removed, if the light still does not light up, you can unplug the fuse of the machine or replace it directly. Most models of Gouwei ultrasonic cleaning machines have backup insurance, which can be replaced. Note: This operation should be carried out after the power is cut off.


Problem 3: No vibration


After the machine is plugged in, it can be started and the indicator light can be on, but the liquid in the cleaning tank has no sign of vibration. If it is mechanically operated, check whether the rotary switch for ultrasonic control is turned on or set to the time position. For numerical control ultrasonic cleaning machine, check whether the start is pressed and whether the timing is set. If the two items are eliminated, it can be determined that the internal components of the machine have problems and can be sent to the factory for repair. If the customer has some experience in electronic maintenance, he can also remove it by himself, find out the problem part, or take a photo and send it to our company. After our technicians make a judgment, they can send the damaged parts to us and replace them.


With the progress of science and technology, ultrasonic technology will become more and more mature and developed, and ultrasonic cleaners will also be more and more widely used. In the process of use, the probability of problems with the ultrasonic cleaner is relatively small, and most of them can be easily solved by themselves. If problems occur, you need to check carefully first, and do not be too nervous. The above maintenance methods can easily help you solve all problems.


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