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Jewelry ultrasonic cleaner – make your life more refined

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Many new products often appear in our life, and of course they will be loved by the majority of people. Of course, ultrasonic cleaning machine is one of them. So you must know that ultrasonic cleaning machine has a wide range of applications, so there are many kinds of ultrasonic cleaning machine. Now let’s explain the ultrasonic cleaning machine for jewelry

Ultrasonic Cleaner-Pearl Necklace

Ultrasonic Cleaner-Pearl Necklace

Relevant knowledge of washing machine.

Jewelry ultrasonic cleaning machine – Principles of cleaning machine

The high-frequency vibration signal generated by the ultrasonic generator is converted into high-frequency mechanical vibration through the transducer and transmitted to the medium cleaning solution. When the ultrasonic wave is transmitted in the cleaning solution, when the power reaches a certain strength, the “cavitation” effect will be generated. In this process, called “cavitation” effect, the liquid generates transient high pressure of more than 1000 atmospheres, which continuously impacts the surface of the object, The dirt on the surface of the object and in the gap can quickly fall off, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the surface of the object.

Jewelry ultrasonic cleaner - ring

Jewelry ultrasonic cleaner – ring

Jewelry ultrasonic cleaning machine – advantages


It is characterized by reliable operation, high efficiency, stable output power, no pollution, saving cleaning fluid, easy cleaning of complex parts, high cleaning cleanliness, etc,. It is widely used in medicine bottle stoppers, electroplating, polishing, oil pump nozzles, electronic components, auto parts, engines, medical devices and other fields that need to be cleaned in large quantities.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine glasses

Ultrasonic cleaning machine glasses

Jewelry ultrasonic cleaning machine – instructions


It is forbidden to turn on the acoustic power supply or heat when the cleaning tank is full of water or the cleaning solution used in the cleaning machine is not poured; Before using the cable connector, it is necessary to determine whether the connector is affected with moisture. If it is affected with moisture, it should be treated and dried before use; The object or container to be cleaned cannot directly contact the bottom of the cleaning tank, and can be placed in the cleaning solution with a basket, otherwise the transducer at the bottom of the cleaning machine will be damaged due to uneven force.

The above is about the ultrasonic cleaning machine for jewelry introduced by Comfortable 100 Xiaobian. After reading the introduction of Xiaobian, I believe that your understanding of ultrasonic cleaning machine will definitely increase. The appearance of ultrasonic cleaning machine has solved many of our daily problems, making our life more comfortable, healthier and more convenient, so we can make appropriate choices for ultrasonic cleaning machine according to our actual needs. For more information, see Granbosonic!




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