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How do ultrasonic cleaners clean objects?

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Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is the first choice in the cleaning industry, whether the cleaning effect, or cleaning the clean degree have more outstanding advantages, especially industrial cleaning needs of the industry, most will choose ultrasonic cleaning machine, it can be cleaned, hardware, jewelry, tableware, etc., can make the surface of the object new, and with high temperature sterilization function, will not let the surface of the object caused a little damage. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is the use of “cavitation effect” to clean, so what are the characteristics of the cavitation effect?


Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. The cavitation effect of the cleaning principle

The principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine, is issued by the ultrasonic generator high-frequency oscillation signal, and then through the transducer into a high-frequency mechanical oscillation and spread to the cleaning fluid, so that the liquid flow and produce a large number of bubbles, and these bubbles will cover the surface of the cleaning object, surrounded by layers, and finally after reaching a certain degree of air pressure, the bubbles will burst off, so that the surface of the object stains are gradually fall off, which is the cavitation effect principle.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning coins

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning coins

2. The cleaning effect of cavitation effect

Above we say the “cavitation effect” of the cleaning principle, is how the ultrasonic cleaning machine to the object cleaning process, we clean the main purpose is to achieve the cleaning needs, to solve the cleaning problem, then in the use of the cleaning process, due to the high frequency of ultrasound, in the liquid appears ” Cavitation” phenomenon generated by the bubbles are numerous and ubiquitous, as long as the full contact with the solution, you can get a thorough cleaning.

ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning

In short, ultrasonic cleaning equipment is a very high cleaning efficiency of a cleaning equipment, especially some precision parts, gaps or dead ends more objects, ultrasonic cleaning machine can be cleaned without residue, so that the surface of the object a new look, many of the production industry problems encountered in the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, will be improved, solve the ultimate cleaning problem.



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