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What is PCL Control System? What are the functions of PCL control system in ultrasonic cleaning machine?

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PLC control system is a new generation of industrial control device formed by introducing microelectronic technology, computer technology, automatic control technology and communication technology on the basis of traditional sequence controller. The purpose is to replace relays, perform sequential control functions such as logic, timing, and counting, and establish a flexible remote control system. It has the characteristics of strong versatility, convenient use, wide adaptability, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, and simple programming.

PCL Control System

PCL Control System

To put it simply, it is to drive the product to perform logical operations through the code-driven emerging controller to complete the automation of the product.

What are the characteristics and advantages of PLC control system compared with relays?

1. Easy to program

PLC programming mostly uses relay control ladder diagrams and instruction statements, and the number is far less than that of microcomputer instructions. Except for medium and high-end PLCs, there are generally only about 16 small PLCs. Because the ladder diagram is intuitive, simple, easy to master and use, programming can be performed even without computer expertise.

2. Flexible configuration

Since the PLC adopts a building block structure, users can flexibly change the function and scale of the control system through simple combinations. Therefore, it can be applied to any control system.

3. Easy to install

Compared with computer systems, PLC installation does not require a dedicated computer room, nor does it require strict shielding measures. When in use, it only needs to connect the detection device correctly with the I/O interface terminals of the actuator and PLC, and it can work normally.

4. Fast running speed

Because PLC control is executed by program control, no matter its reliability or running speed, it is unmatched by relay logic control.

Granbosonic showing room

Granbosonic showing room

About the application of PLC control system in ultrasonic cleaning machine
As far as ultrasonic cleaning equipment on the market is concerned, manufacturers will only install PLC control systems on large fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines.

The automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine equipped with PLC can adopt the PLC control scheme in the basic process of the cleaning work, and provide the software and hardware design of the PLC control system, so that the system can complete the cleaning tasks on the production line, which fully reflects the PLC has strong functions and reliability. It has the advantages of high performance, simple programming, convenient use and small size.

The PLC control system of the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine of Guanbo Technology adopts the ladder language of the programmable controller for programming, completes the programming and debugging of the PLC, and meets the control requirements. In the ultrasonic cleaning production line, the automated process from cleaning to drying of precision mechanical parts has been completed, and a good cleaning effect has been received, which has improved production efficiency.



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