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Characteristics and application of gear ultrasonic cleaning machine

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Have you heard of ultrasonic gear cleaner? Do you know how to use ultrasonic gear cleaner? Gear ultrasonic cleaning machine is a new type of ultrasonic cleaning machine. The utility model makes up the deficiency of the traditional cleaning device, improves the cleaning quality, and realizes the technical innovation. As far as most people are concerned, they do not know much about gear ultrasonic cleaners. Now we will introduce the characteristics and applications of gear ultrasonic cleaners.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Applications

Ultrasonic Cleaner Applications

Features of gear ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. Extremely high surface cleanliness of parts: thoroughly clean the grease, gum and other dirt on the internal and external surfaces of automobiles, locomotives, aircraft bearings, gears and other complex components to achieve a refurbished cleaning effect;


2. Greatly improve cleaning efficiency: cleaning time can be greatly shortened compared with traditional cleaning methods. Good economy: one tenth of the cost of gasoline scrubbing;


3. Superior environmental performance: water-based cleaning agent is used to replace gasoline, kerosene, alcohol and other solvents, which is safe and environmentally friendly;



4. The best ultrasonic configuration: support high-intensity, long time operation, the most advanced IGBT high-power integrated power supply, imported component transducers, unique bonding process, and the vibrator will never fall off; The ultrasonic power is stepless adjustable;


5. Any combination of control cabinet and host, complete separation of water and electricity, and reliable operation. Automatic temperature control and timing system, with the lowest cost;


6. Automatic and intelligent mechanical hand transmission is adopted to reduce the labor intensity of employees and greatly meet the needs of current human resources;


7. The vacuum drying system is set to effectively solve and deal with the gear rust.


Application of gear ultrasonic cleaning machine


1. Cleaning and drying of gear, electric tool gear, garden tool gear, model car gear, pneumatic tool gear, yacht outboard machine gear, sewing machine gear, straight gear, beach car gear, fishing gear gear, automobile gear and other gears.


2. It is widely used for cleaning the grease on the bearing surface during the maintenance of bus companies and long-distance bus transportation companies.


3. Meet the cleaning requirements for bearings of mini cars, sedans, light trucks, medium trucks and heavy trucks; At the same time, it is also widely used in the production and maintenance of locomotive and aircraft industry.


4. Clocks, jewelry, glasses, shaving heads, tableware, milk bottles, fruits and vegetables, combs, toothbrushes, coins, micro seals, golf balls, computer motherboards and accessories, printer nozzles, glassware, circuit boards, electroplating products, auto parts, hardware parts, medical instruments, false teeth and dental equipment cleaning , etc.

Ultrasonic cleaning for jewelry hardware

Ultrasonic cleaning for jewelry hardware

5. Cleaning of spur gear, sprocket, taper spiral bevel gear, 45 degree spiral gear, bevel gear, copper worm, small module worm gear and worm gear.


Nowadays, gear ultrasonic cleaning machine is more and more widely used in our daily life. With its unique design, gear ultrasonic cleaning machine is favored by consumers. Therefore, it is very important for consumers to master the characteristics and application knowledge of the gear ultrasonic cleaner. We suggest consumers to buy products through normal channels to avoid being cheated by illegal traders.If you are interested, you can take a look at our official website Granbosonic.



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