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How about the application of ultrasonic cleaners in the auto repair industry?

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The ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto repair shops is suitable for cleaning oil stains on auto parts in the auto repair industry such as auto repair shops, auto repair shops, etc. The numerical control panel operation is fast and convenient, the cleaning effect is excellent, and the efficiency is high!

cleaning oil

cleaning oil

Application advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine in auto repair industry

1. The auto repair ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for professional models of engine and gearbox parts cleaning. The crankshaft, fuel injector, engine block, cylinder head, and gearbox casing can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. For maintenance, repair And the engine block, oil pan, filter, gearbox, casing, gear assembly, cylinder head, bearing, oil pump, oil nozzle, crankshaft, piston, connecting rod, turbocharger parts, etc. that need to be cleaned during boring and grinding , Excellent cleaning effect can be achieved on cleaning work pieces. The products can meet the cleaning requirements of engines from miniature cars, cars, light trucks, medium trucks to heavy trucks and large generator sets.

2. Industrial auto repair ultrasonic cleaning machines are widely used in the production and maintenance of locomotives and aircraft industries, so that every reassembled part can be restored as new.

3. Ultrasonic configuration, support high-strength, long-term operation, adopt IGBT high-power integrated circuit, imported component transducer, unique bonding process, the vibrator will never fall off.

4. The control cabinet and the host can be combined arbitrarily, the water and electricity are completely separated, and the operation is completely reliable.

5. It can be designed and customized into various styles according to the user’s product, output, shape and other requirements. For more details, please contact Cojin Ultrasonic to understand.



6. Cleaning effect:

The special ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto repair replaces the use of gasoline and other flammable materials in the maintenance and cleaning of automobile bearings, which greatly reduces labor and cleaning time. The bearing cleaning time of each car is about 5 minutes, and the cleaning cost is about 1/25 of gasoline. The ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment has been vigorously promoted by the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association and has become the designated product for bearing butter cleaning.

7. Extremely high surface cleanliness of parts:

To achieve a thorough cleaning of oil, carbon, butter, gum and other dirt on the inner and outer surfaces of complex components to achieve a clean as new cleaning effect. The cleaning efficiency is greatly improved, and the cleaning time can be greatly shortened compared with the traditional cleaning method.

8. Good economy:

It saves manual cleaning and is one-tenth of the cost of gasoline brushing.

9. Superior performance:

Use water-based cleaning agent to replace gasoline, kerosene, alcohol and other solvents, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

10. Effectively improve the performance of engine overhaul:

Thoroughly clean and lubricate, including the lubricating oil passage holes in the engine block, cylinder head and crankshaft. Partially cleans the coolant to improve engine cooling performance.

Granbo ultrasonic machine cleaning oil

Granbo ultrasonic machine cleaning oil

Auto repair ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning operation process:

1. Add tap water into the cleaning tank, the water level must be higher than or equal to 3/4 of the tank height in the cleaning tank, start the electric heating, and start the ultrasonic wave for degassing at the same time. When the water temperature is about 40 degrees, add the specified amount of ultrasonic special cleaning agent. Start cleaning the parts when the water temperature reaches 55~60 degrees.

2. Disassemble the parts to be cleaned as much as possible, and use high-pressure water guns, wire brushes, shovels or other tools to manually pretreat the soil, heavy oil stains and heavy carbon deposits on the surface of the parts to ensure the service life of the cleaning solution. And the speed and effect of cleaning.

3. Put the parts to be cleaned into the cleaning pool, and place them without overlapping to ensure that the parts are completely submerged by the cleaning solution.

4. Start the ultrasonic wave, usually clean it regularly for 40-60 minutes, turn off the ultrasonic wave after cleaning, and take out the parts for post-processing.

5. Use a high-pressure water gun to remove the residue on the surface of the parts, and use an air compression gun to remove the residue in the channel. Parts that need rust prevention should be treated separately.

In order to improve the cleaning effect. The cleaning time of the parts in the cleaning solution can be appropriately extended when time permits. In the actual operation process, in order to improve the cleaning efficiency, the process of dismantling and cleaning can be adopted.

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