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Why do rubber products need ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning and some FAQ

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Why do rubber series products choose ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning?

The products of the rubber industry series include gloves, belts, white tires, surgical rubber products, and rubber forming metal films. Their sources of contamination are: fingerprints, grime, preservatives, inks, dyes, plastic residues, rubber residues.

Rubber baby bottle Clean

Rubber baby bottle Clean

The advantages of ultrasonic cleaners are summarize as follows:
1. Good cleaning effect, high cleanliness and consistent cleanliness of all workpieces;
2. Fast cleaning speed;
3. No manual contact with the cleaning solution is require, which is safe and reliable;
4. It will not cause damage to the surface of the product to be cleane;
5. Save solvent, workplace, labor, etc.;

In addition. The types and pollution sources of the products for the rubber industry are different. The right cleaning agent is especially important when cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner. As a member of the ultrasonic industry. It is recommend to choose alkaline detergents, acidic detergents, and neutral detergents. Which are very helpful for cleaning rubber products.

rubber mold

rubber mold

To clean rubber products. You can choose – a VGT-4036R ultrasonic cleaner. The cleaning equipment is all stainless steel structure. Composed of ultrasonic cleaning tank and steam bath. It has the functions of ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic rough cleaning, ultrasonic fine cleaning, steam bath cleaning, freeze drying, and distillation recovery cleaning agent. (The advantage of being able to wash and dry quickly)

Questions and answers about the basic knowledge of ultrasonic cleaning machine

1: Can a frequency converter be use instead of an ultrasonic generator?
The output frequency of the ultrasonic generator is generally higher than 15KHz, 18KHz, 20KHz, 30KHz, 40KHz, 68KHz, 120KHz, 200KHz, and the frequency converter does not have such a high output frequency.

2: How to adjust the ultrasonic generator?
Some ultrasounds have been used for one stage or not use. And there is no ultrasound when the machine is turned on. If this is the case, please first judge whether it is the problem of the shock plate or the generator. If it is the problem of the generator. It is recommend to ask the manufacturer or professional for modulation.

3: Ultrasonic cleaning machine accessories selection guide
When purchasing ultrasonic cleaning machine accessories. Be sure to find a regular ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer. Such as a company like us. The accessories are genuine and will never be discounted. Service is in place, generally door-to-door service.

ultrasonic parts

ultrasonic parts

4: High frequency ultrasonic generator power supply
Main features of high frequency generator power products produced by ultrasonic:
The adaptability is very wide—one for all kinds of energy transducers.
Easy to operate – just need to design the adjacent frequency and the required adjacent power. There are only two near buttons, you can see it at a glance.
The identification performance is strong—the operation can reach the best resonance state in 0.01-0.05s.
After the power supply is running, the current frequency and power will be displayed.



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