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The composition of ultrasonic cleaning machine

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Ultrasonic cleaning machine consists of the following parts:
1)Ultrasonic system: including the transducer and ultrasonic generator.

Ultrasonic cleaner transducer

Ultrasonic cleaning machine transducer

a.transducer: transducer using special high-temperature, vibration-resistant, high-viscosity resin adhesive supplemented by a special method to fix, never fall off, and can withstand high temperatures of 100 ℃ ~ 150 ℃.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Generator

Ultrasonic Cleaner Generator

b.ultrasonic generator: high-power ultrasonic generator can be composed of ultrasonic IGBT power electronics as the main components, the ultrasonic generator circuit is advanced, complete structure, supplemented by sensitive and reliable integrated control system. A variety of ultrasonic generators can work independently, but also multiple groups can be used in parallel, to complete large-scale cleaning project.

Ultrasonic cleaner digital control board

Ultrasonic cleaning machine digital control board

2) heating and temperature control system. Heater is usually made of stainless steel pipe, acid and alkali resistance. The purpose of heating is to heat the cleaning agent to increase the washing effect of the cleaning machine. Temperature automatic control, can be adjusted at will within the appropriate range.3) cleaning tank: cleaning tank is generally made of stainless steel by argon arc welding, the tank is set up with slag access port, insulation layer, etc., to ensure that the water level should be at least 200 mm above the transducer box.

4) tank liquid circulation filtration system. There is a filter in the system, the dynamic filtration of the tank liquid, in order to maintain the cleanliness of the tank liquid. When the workpiece comes out of the tank, the filtered liquid flows through the spray link in the upper part of the tank to rinse the workpiece, so as to wash off the oil and dirt adhering to the surface of the workpiece when it comes out of the tank, so as to avoid its pollution to the next tank liquid.

5) conveying system: according to the shape of the workpiece to be cleaned, volume, batch, etc. to determine the ultrasonic cleaning machine conveying and control mode.

6) spray rinsing system: according to the surface condition of the cleaned workpiece, some cleaning machines are equipped with spray rinsing process, the ultrasonic cleaning and spray cleaning organically combined.

7) Drying system: According to the condition of the cleaned workpiece, some washing machines are equipped with drying system, which is mainly composed of heaters, fans, blowing nozzles and other automatic temperature control.



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