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Features of ultrasonic cleaning

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Ultrasonic cleaning belongs to the physical force cleaning, its own green cleaning, if the cleaning fluid is added to the appropriate cleaning agent is a combination of cleaning, more obvious cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaning and modern technology development and advanced manufacturing process is closely related to the current power ultrasound in one of the most widely used areas. Ultrasonic cleaning in a variety of chemical, physical and mechanical cleaning is a more effective means, it is widely used in machinery, optics, electronics, light industry, textiles, chemicals, aerospace, shipping, atomic energy and medical medicine and other industrial sectors.

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Ultrasonic cleaning principle

Ultrasonic cleaning technology features and mechanism of ultrasonic cleaning compared with other cleaning has a high wash rate, less residue, short cleaning time, the advantages of good cleaning effect. Where the liquid can be dipped into the cleaned parts, ultrasound has a cleaning effect on it, not limited by the shape of the surface of the cleaned parts, such as deep holes, slits, grooves, can be cleaned. As the ultrasonic generator using D class work amplification, high efficiency of the transducer electroacoustic, so ultrasonic cleaning has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, is a real high-speed, high quality, easy to achieve automation of cleaning technology. If the cleaning agent using non-ODS cleaning agent, it has a green cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaning of glass, metal and other reflective objects cleaning effect is good, but not suitable for textiles, porous foam, rubber products and other sound absorption of strong materials.

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ultrasonic small cleaning tank size comparison

Ultrasonic cleaning effect comparison ultrasonic cleaning tank in a point of the liquid pressure situation ultrasonic cleaning mechanism is divided into two cases, a situation is ultrasonic cleaning in the medium and low frequency, that is, the frequency in the range of 20kHz130kHz, especially in the 20kHz40kHz situation, the liquid into the cleaning tank, the role of ultrasound in the tank. As ultrasonic waves, like sound waves, is a sparse vibration wave, the pressure in the medium for alternating changes.

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Ultrasonic cleaning machine applications

Cavitation technology washing technology threshold is also related to the liquid gas content, the less gas content, the higher the cavitation threshold. Cavitation threshold and ultrasonic action time length of time, the longer the ultrasonic radiation cavitation threshold is lower. Cavitation threshold and cleaning fluid temperature, cleaning fluid temperature, cavitation is beneficial, but the temperature is too high, the vapor pressure in the bubble increases, so the bubble closure period to enhance the buffering effect and make the cavitation weakened. For the water cleaning fluid, the more appropriate temperature is about 60C. According to the above low and medium frequency ultrasonic cleaning mechanism, the best working state can be selected to get the best cleaning effect.



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