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Purpose of ultrasonic cleaning machine

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ultrasonic cleaner application

ultrasonic cleaner application

1. Jade and accessories processing industry

In the process of grinding and polishing. A large amount of dust and dirt will adhere to jade and accessories. And these work pieces are often complicate in shape and have many gaps. Traditional cleaning methods are often ineffective. Ultrasonic cleaners are unique.

2. Clocks and precision instruments

With the ultrasonic cleaner, clocks and precision instruments are free from the trouble of disassembling and assembling screws, gears, hairsprings, bracelets, etc. one by one. In the cleaning tank of cleaning agent (such as gasoline), the cleaning effect can be multiply with half the effort.

3. Household application

ultrasonic cleaning

ultrasonic cleaning

Daily use items such as gold and silver jewelry, jewelry, head wear, brooches, glasses, watch chains, water pens, CDs, razors, combs, toothbrushes, dentures, tea sets, etc.. As well as milk bottles, teats and fruits such as grapes , cherries, strawberries, these accessories, tools and fruits are also disinfect and sterilize while being wash. In addition, ultrasonic waves can be use for beauty and skin care on the hands. Long-term use can keep the skin tender, smooth and elastic. Ultrasonic cleaner can also be use for bartending, fragrant wine, automatic egg stirring, etc.

4. Banks, offices, finance, arts and crafts, advertising industry, office supplies

Such as printers, nozzles, needle pens, pens, brushes, nozzles, and sprayers are often blocked, and seals are often blurred due to the adhesion of ink pads. ultrasonic cleaner can keep smooth and clear. If combined with an appropriate amount of detergent or other cleaning agents, it will have better results.

5. Maintenance of communication equipment and electrical appliances

The precision circuit boards and spare parts of mobile phones, walkie-talkies, walk mans and other electrical appliances can be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaning machine combined with anhydrous alcohol, and an excellent dust-free and pollution-free cleaning effect can be obtained. .

6. Medical units and colleges

Cleaning of various medical equipment such as surgical instruments, dental dentures, dental molds, sight glasses, beakers and test tubes for laboratory experiments, etc., mixing and compounding of various pharmaceutical reagents can improve efficiency, Improves cleanliness, accelerates chemical reactions and reduces time.

7. Glasses, optical instruments

optical use

optical use

All optical lenses. Such as all kinds of glasses (including contact lenses), magnifying glasses, telescopes, microscopes, cameras, video cameras, etc.. Are cleane by ultrasonic cleaning. And all the true feelings of the world are fully reveal.

8. A good gift

Every festival or when you need to prepare gifts, souvenirs and prizes such as exhibitions, receptions, sororities, alumni associations, awards meetings, etc., ultrasonic cleaning machine with its unique product creativity, chic and convenient Type packaging, new unique cleaning method, significant and multi-purpose effect. Let you no longer be in the dilemma of choosing gifts, because the cleaning, sterilization, beauty and skin care multi-functional integration of ultrasonic cleaning machine is a new generation of gifts.



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