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Introduction to Types and Applications of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

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Ultrasonic cleaning machines are widely used in our industrial production process and in our families, and the cleaning effect is very good. If you want to buy ultrasonic cleaning machines, there are many different kinds. Xiao Bian will introduce some information about ultrasonic cleaning machines for you today, and I hope you can refer to it.

Type of ultrasonic cleaner – Type of ultrasonic cleaner



There are many reasons why ultrasonic cleaning machines are so popular in the cleaning industry, but the main reason is the greatest value of their existence. Because using ultrasonic cleaning machines to clean can not only save a lot of money for many enterprises, but also provide strong security for the development of enterprises. Now, let’s introduce the reason why ultrasonic cleaning is so popular.


Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Small cleaning includes washing powder and detergent used in daily life, while large cleaning includes industrial cleaning, involving the cleaning of oil, grease, steel and many other industrial equipment. The objects of cleaning in this field are quite extensive, and the economic benefits are considerable.


Application of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic Cleaner - Oil Removal

Ultrasonic Cleaner – Oil Removal

In the production process of many basic industries, such as iron and steel, power, food, chemical industry, petroleum, etc., because the equipment and pipelines of new devices will inevitably produce oil sludge, rolling scale, welding slag, surface floating layer and various oxides in the process of transportation, storage, manufacturing, installation and production, these things need to be treated by ultrasonic cleaners.


During the operation of a large number of industrial equipment, such as various cooling towers, pipe heat exchangers, tank containers, jackets, reactors, etc., a large amount of dirt will also accumulate and need to be handled in a timely manner. If it is handled improperly, safety accidents will occur, which will seriously affect the normal production of industrial products. Therefore, it is very necessary to use ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning. The timely intervention of the ultrasonic cleaner can quickly remove the polymer, coking, scale, oil dirt, sediment, rust corrosion, etc., thus ensuring the normal production of the equipment.


The above are some different types and applications of ultrasonic cleaners introduced to you. I hope you can use them as a reference for a simple understanding. I believe that if you need to purchase and use ultrasonic cleaners in the future, you can choose from the above types, which will certainly bring us very good results.

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