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Operation method and advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine for glasses

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Eyeglasses need to be cleaned frequently. Otherwise, they will become blurry and difficult to see clearly. However, the usual way of cleaning is not satisfactory. Water will leave traces on the lenses, causing water marks, which will become more blurred. If you clean your glasses with an ultrasonic cleaner, the result will be different. Now use an ultrasonic cleaning machine for home glasses to clean glasses. Adding a small amount of detergent in the process of cleaning glasses works better. The following is a small introduction to the advantages of glasses cleaning machine and the use of the method.

Glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine

Glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine

First, glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine advantages

The biggest advantage of the eyeglass cleaning machine is not to leave water stains, manual cleaning will always leave water stains on the lens, resulting in blurred lenses, wipe with a rag more blurred, and use the eyeglass cleaning machine to clean the lens transparent and bright, a new look! Its unique cleaning principle can effectively clean the mirror surface without hurting the mirror surface, and high efficiency, two or three minutes to solve, the effect is good, after cleaning through the bright, like a new purchase, and even better. Eyeglass cleaning machine gradually became the new favorite, it is a good helper for glasses cleaning. Because of this, it became the new star of the gift industry, many people buy to send friends, relatives, colleagues, leaders, etc., very appropriate to show their care for others.

Optical lens

Optical lens

Second, the correct way to clean glasses



For nearsighted patients, glasses have become a partner in life, glasses help people see the world clearly, and it also needs the owner’s care to serve better. So to master the right way to clean glasses, a home ultrasonic cleaning machine is not expensive, only sold a hundred or so, very cost-effective, buy a cleaning machine to clean glasses is undoubtedly the right choice!

1, open the lid of the machine, and then add the right amount of tap water to the inside of the liner. (Note that the tap water should not be over the cleaned glasses).
2, after the tap water is added, then add a few drops of detergent and stir with your hands or other objects.
3, put the glasses into the ultrasonic cleaning machine.
4, connected to the power supply, press the key, then the machine display will show the numbers, press the “time” key, free to choose the cleaning time period.
5, this time the machine began to enter the work state, the work will be issued when the “squeak” sound. This is the sound of ultrasound, the machine inside the water also appeared a little ripple, the water began to become cloudy. Because the dust and oil on top of the glasses are slowly coming off ……
6, after the cleaning is complete, take the glasses out and find that the top stains, dust, and oil are all gone. Of course will find the machine inside the water are dirty, this is the effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning, the effect is remarkable, will not cause any harm to glasses, the human body will not have any harm, safe and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection.

The above is you end for you to share about “glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine operating methods and advantages”, hope that the use of everyone can have better help. If you have any questions about the purchase and use of glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine, you can directly contact our company.



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