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Ultrasonic cleaning machine instructions and operation manual

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Turn on the power switch of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, and the indicator light does not light up. Reasons for the accident:

The power switch is damaged and there is no power input;

The fuse ACFU is blown.

After the ultrasonic cleaner turns on the power switch, the indicator light is on, but there is no ultrasonic output. cause of accident:

The connection plug between the transducer and the ultrasonic power board is loose;

The fuse DCFU is blown;

Ultrasonic power generator failure;

Transducer failure.



Reasons for the blown DC fuse DCFU of the ultrasonic cleaning machine:

The rectifier bridge stack or power tube is burned;

Transducer failure.

After the ultrasonic cleaning machine turns on the power switch, the machine has ultrasonic output, but the cleaning effect is not as ideal. Reason and solution:

Improper cleaning fluid level in the cleaning tank;

The ultrasonic frequency coordination is not well adjusted;

The temperature of the liquid in the cleaning tank is too high;

Improper selection of cleaning fluid.

Causes of transducer damage accidents:

It may be that the temperature of the ultrasonic cleaner will gradually rise due to the long-term use of the power-on state, causing the colloid to melt and the transducer to fall off or the ceramic part of the transducer to break.

Detection and solution: Use a shaker to measure the dielectric strength of the transducer. If the dielectric strength is below 200MΩ, it can no longer be used, and a new transducer must be replaced.

The internal ceramic of the transducer can also crack due to long-term use, making it unable to work properly.

Granbo technician team

Granbo technician team

Reasons for insurance damage accidents of ultrasonic cleaners:

It may be that the user’s ground wire is mixed with the live wire or the neutral wire, and is not grounded (the ground wire of the machine is connected to the machine shell), or the ultrasonic cleaner is short-circuited, and the components are aged and short-circuited, resulting in damage to the insurance.

Detection and solution:

Take out the insurance to see if there is any breakage, use the on-off gear of the multimeter to measure whether it is disconnected, and replace with a new device.

Reasons for the damage of the power tube of the ultrasonic cleaner:

The power tube on the motherboard will be short-circuited because the ultrasonic cleaning machine is used continuously for a long time or the cleaning liquid is too little for a long time.

Detection and solution:

When the power tube is connected on the main board, use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the pins on both sides of the power tube, which should be around 22Ω under normal circumstances. After taking off the power tube (disconnecting it from the motherboard), it should be impossible to measure the various pins of it.

Reasons for the damage of the voltage stabilizer tube:

The damage of the Zener tube is generally caused by turning on the power tube after the resistance value of the power tube is small or short-circuited, and it is rarely damaged.

Detection and solution: According to the characteristics of the diode, forward conduction and reverse cut-off. Measure with the diode gear of the multimeter, the forward resistance is about 70Ω, and the reverse is ∞. If the value deviation is too large or the forward resistance is also, replace the new Zener tube.

The damage of the bridge (diode rectifier circuit) causes the accident:

Same as voltage regulator tube

Detection and resolution:

also according to diode characteristics (the bridge itself is composed of diodes)

Granbo advantage technology

Granbo advantage technology

Causes of damage to inductance and isolation transformers:

Due to the long-term operation of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the inductor and the transformer are heat-dissipating components, which may melt and burn due to excessive temperature, resulting in a short circuit.

Detection and solution: Damage to inductors and transformers. In most cases, the burnt traces can be seen intuitively, and new components can be replaced.

The damage of the control board (adjustable ultrasonic cleaner) causes the accident:

Ultrasonic cleaning machines work continuously for a long time, which is related to the aging of components and sometimes infiltration of cleaning fluids.

Detection and solution: When the ultrasonic cleaning machine does not work, disconnect the connection between the control board and the main board. Power on the main board, if the ultrasonic cleaner works, it means that the control board is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Everything has a lifespan, we can’t stop them from leaving, but we can delay their departure time. Therefore, the maintenance and repair of ultrasonic cleaning machine is extremely important. I hope everyone can pay attention to it, reduce unnecessary costs, and create a better life




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