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How to clean the fuel injector too dirty? How to quickly clean the fuel injector

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When it comes to the fuel injector of a car, everyone knows it. It is used in car engines to inject fuel into the engine. However, after the fuel injector works for a long time in a high temperature and high pressure environment, it will inevitably produce carbon deposits. But in real life, many car owners don’t pay much attention to the cleaning of the fuel injector.

Injector clean

Injector clean

Once the fuel injector is blocked, the performance of all aspects of the car will be greatly reduced, which will directly affect the driving quality of the car. For example, it will cause the power of the car engine to drop, and the carbon deposition in the intake valve will lead to unstable idle speed. Don’t underestimate this issue. If it is not handled for a long time, it will cause the engine to knock.

Since the fuel injector is so important, how can it be cleaned to make it look brand new?

When the fuel injector is blocked, there will be some abnormal feedback to us during driving. For example, when starting in low gear, the car shakes a little, but after accelerating, the shaking disappears. In this case, it is necessary to consider cleaning the fuel injector.

Traditional fuel injector cleaning method:

1: First disconnect the fuel pump power supply, some models can unplug the fuel pump relay, start the vehicle and burn the gasoline in the fuel pipe to prevent the gasoline from spraying out of the fuel pipe when the fuel pipe is removed, accidentally hurting the eyes or causing a fire.

2: Put on goggles before removing the fuel pipe, find a rag to cover the interface up and down, and find a suitable special connector to connect it with the fuel rail inlet pipe during disassembly. The oil pipes are connected to form a circuit.

3: Add the special cleaning agent for fuel injection nozzles into the hanging bottle and screw on the bottle cap. The refueling pipe on the hanging bottle is connected to the fuel rail connector.

4: Connect the hanging bottle to the compressed air pipeline, adjust the pressure of the cleaning bottle to 2-3Kgm?, and turn on the circuit switch on the hanging bottle. (The specific pressure is determined according to the model maintenance manual)

5: Check whether there is any leakage in the connection part of the oil filling pipe and the oil return pipe. If there is any leakage, it should be eliminated in time.



6: Start the engine, the speed is controlled between 1800 rpm idle speed, until the product is used up, at this time the engine will automatically stop.

7: After the engine is turned off, shut down. Remove tools and fittings, use existing or new gaskets, and reconnect all pipes on the car.

8: Turn the ignition switch to the ON position and energize the fuel pump. Check all connections in the pipes for leaks.

9: After cleaning, check whether the tools are complete and keep them properly.

10: Note that this product needs to be cleaned when the water temperature reaches the normal working temperature.

Although the traditional fuel injection nozzle cleaning method can improve the carbon deposition of the fuel injector, the steps are cumbersome and the cleaning is not thorough.

If you use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean it, you can put the fuel injector directly into the cleaning tank for all-round cleaning. Before ultrasonic cleaning, carefully check the injector for atomization, oil leakage, responsivity, switch sensitivity, etc. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment can evenly clean blind holes and uneven places, reducing cleaning costs and labor costs.



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