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​​These points cannot be ignored when cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner!

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Granbosonic various ultrasonic cleaner

                                                               Granbosonic various ultrasonic cleaner

With the continuous development of the ultrasonic cleaning industry, in addition to individuals, more and more industries and enterprises have also used ultrasonic cleaning machines. Correct use and operation of the ultrasonic cleaning machine can make the cleaning effect “more with less effort”. Improper operation and use may result in unclean or even damage to the ultrasonic cleaner.

1. Never read the manual before using the ultrasonic cleaner

The ultrasonic cleaning machine has certain operating standards in use. Before using it, it is necessary to understand the specific operating knowledge of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, so as to show the best effect. Many people have not read the manual carefully, resulting in scaling after the ultrasonic cleaner use. Because during the use of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the oil and dust on the surface of the cleaning equipment will have a sticky effect after falling off. If it is not handle in time, it will have a serious impact.

2. Place the ultrasonic cleaner in a harsh working environment

test machine environment

                                                       Test machine environment

In order to keep the ultrasonic cleaner in good working condition and improve the cleaning efficiency. Certain working conditions are also require for the operation of the ultrasonic cleaner. When used in some seriously polluted industrial production workshops, it may have a serious reaction to the cleaning equipment and hinder the use of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

3. Cleaning the electromechanical equipment when it is overheat

When using an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the cleaning equipment, the most important thing is to ensure the stability of the cleaning equipment and the cleaning machine during use. If the equipment is cleaned under the condition of overheating. The equipment may be damage, and the cleaning effect of the ultrasonic cleaning agent cannot be guarantee. Therefore, the material needs to be cool to a certain extent to ensure its effectiveness in cleaning.

Granbo Dental Equipment ultrasonic cleaner

                               Granbo Dental Equipment ultrasonic cleaner

4. Never maintain the ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment

Like other electromechanical equipment, ultrasonic cleaners require frequent maintenance. Only in this way can the maximum performance of ultrasonic cleaners be brought into play during operation. A good cleaning effect can achieve, and the amount of ultrasonic cleaners can reduce so that they can use effectively cost control.​​​​

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