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The effect of ultrasonic cleaner cleaning jewelry and problems need attention

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Fine jewelry is a very popular exterior decoration no matter what era it is. Especially female friends, like to wear some jewelry and the like. But it will inevitably change color after a long time, and it will be stain with a lot of sweat, dust, oil and so on. Some people think that it’s fine to buy a new one. But some products are not still on sale, and it takes a lot of money to replace a new one. So they don’t want to replace it, but what if the color changes and becomes dirty? Manual cleaning is difficult to clean, but Granbo ultrasonic cleaner can do it. After cleaning with ultrasonic equipment, fine jewelry can be refresh.

How to clean the jewelry

How to clean the jewelry

There are many kinds of jewelry to be clean, including diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, gold and silver, etc. Which will become dark after wearing for a long time, just like losing light. Use ultrasonic cleaning equipment to clean jewelry. And the final cleaning effect , not only can make the jewelry surface look brand new. But also the gram weight will not be less, and the jewelry surface will not have any wear.

Granbosonic Jewelry ultrasonic cleaner GA008-GA008G

Granbosonic Jewelry ultrasonic cleaner GA008-GA008G

When the ultrasonic cleaning machine products entered the civilian market, many household ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines appeared on the market one after another. Everyone paid for it to save money to go to the jewelry store to clean them later. Are you also cleaning jewelry with ultrasonic waves?  Here reminds Everyone, not all jewelry can be clean with an ultrasonic cleaner. The editor has sorted out some types of jewelry that are not suitable for ultrasonic cleaners:

Organic gems:

Pearls, corals, amber, beeswax, ivory, etc.; organic gems contain organic ingredients, most of which are not very hard and should not be drop. Therefore, the use of ultrasonic cleaning of beads, etc. should be avoid, which is easy to cause scratches, which will seriously damage the beads.


Mainly refers to colored gems, such as ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, emerald, garnet, etc. Due to the different hardness of various gemstones, those with high hardness can be clean with an ultrasonic cleaner. For emeralds, tourmalines and some gemstones with many inclusions, they are crack or brittle, with low hardness, and cannot be clean by ultrasonic machines to avoid damage or fragmentation of the gemstones.

Gold and silver:

Granbosonic cleaner for gold

Granbosonic cleaner for gold

Mainly refers to pure gold, 18K gold, silver, platinum, etc. It is a normal phenomenon for gold and silver jewelry to lose its luster when worn for a long time or improperly stored and contaminated with stains and dust. It can be cleane with a professional ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine. Metal jewelry that has not been worn for a long time should be taken out of a sealed bag and pack. , to prevent oxidation and blackening.


Mainly refers to jade, Hetian jade, chalcedony and so on. The maintenance of jade is that it is often worn on the body. The natural oil secreted by the human body can form a maintenance effect on the jade, which will make the jade look more shiny. The jade jewelry can be wash with warm water, and the jewelry can be gently washed with a soft brush. Sonic machine cleaning, internal cracks are easily shatter.


Mainly refers to ordinary white diamonds, yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, etc. When cleaning the micro-set infinity diamond jewelry. The diamond can be remove and place in an ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning. Ordinary claw inlays and bezel inlays can be directly place in the ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning.

Undoubtedly, ultrasonic cleaners are indeed recognize as a cleaning method with good cleaning effect and high efficiency. However, there are also some niche jewelry that are not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. If you move tens of thousands of valuables, please be sure to understand clearly before using an ultrasonic cleaning machine.

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