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Characteristics and applications of ultrasonic cleaning technology

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Compared with other cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning has the advantages of high cleaning rate, less residue, short cleaning time and good cleaning effect. For any clean parts that can be soak by liquid, ultrasonic has a cleaning effect on it. Not subject to the shape of the cleaning surface restrictions. Such as deep holes, slits, recesses, can be clean. As the ultrasonic generator using D class work amplification, high efficiency of the transducer electroacoustic. So ultrasonic cleaning with high efficiency and energy saving. It is a real high-speed, high-quality, easy to achieve automat cleaning technology. If the cleaning agent using non-ODS cleaning agent has a green cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaning of glass, metal and other reflective objects with good cleaning effect, and not suitable for textiles, porous foam, rubber products and other materials with strong sound absorption.

industrial ultrasonic cleaner

industrial ultrasonic cleaner


Ultrasonic cleaning and a variety of chemical, physical and ultrasonic cleaning materialization of the cleaning method comparison. Has the following unique advantages.
(1) quickly and thoroughly removes all kinds of dirt from the surface of the work piece.
(2) can be clean with cavities, grooves and other complex shapes of precision parts.
(3) no damage to the surface of the work piece.
(4) can use a variety of cleaning agents;.
(5) at room temperature or appropriate temperature can be clean.
(6) the whole machine integrated structure easy to move
(7) save solvent, cleaning paper, energy, workplace and labor, etc.

Granbosonic cleaner

Granbosonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning technology application products industry barriers to new entrants

1. Technical barriers:

Ultrasonic cleaning machine products have a high scientific and technological content. In the core technology, especially ultrasonic medical cleaning equipment, high-power ultrasonic environmental protection equipment for the generator, transducer and other core components put forward high requirements, the need to integrate materials science, information technology and other cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements. In product manufacturing, due to the wide range of related products, complex processes, new technologies, new material applications are emerging, the need to use heat treatment, precision testing, precise welding, complete sets of assembly and commissioning and other manufacturing processes.

2. Brand recognition barriers:

Ultrasonic cleaning products customers have high requirements for product stability and reliability, for commercial ultrasonic cleaning and ultrasonic medical cleaning industry, its hardware manufacturing, aviation manufacturing, electronic machinery, aviation industry and other downstream customers in the selection of suppliers, there are more stringent screening and assessment criteria, the establishment of a stable partnership needs brand credibility and visibility, therefore Brand barrier is an important obstacle for new enterprises to enter this industry.



3. Sales channels to build barriers:

Ultrasonic cleaning products are widely use in various areas of the national economy, its end-customer form of diversity, distribution of a wide range, especially domestic ultrasonic scale removal and prevention, ultrasonic oil oil, ultrasonic sewage treatment, ultrasonic pharmaceutical, Chinese medicine extraction and other modern environmental protection emerging industries and key construction projects, the main customer base for large state-owned enterprises, hospitals, new entrants are difficult to enter the Customer group, the construction of a high sales channel barriers.

4. Capital barriers:

Ultrasound technology research and development, product design and development require capital investment at the beginning and can not recover costs in the short term, requiring a large amount of funds allocated to the newly purchased equipment, companies entering the industry should require large, continuous capital investment, otherwise it will lead to a break in the capital chain and can not continue to operate, so there is a high capital barrier to enter the industry.



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