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Key points of operation and maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning machine

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As a cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine is a basic equipment in the laboratory. Although it is very common, it plays a huge role and even affects the entire experimental results. Therefore, mastering the key points of daily operation, maintenance and care of ultrasonic cleaning machine is the basic skills of the laboratory.Before using the ultrasonic bottle washing machine correctly, the operator needs to know the reason for the existence of the equipment. Generally speaking, ultrasound can be divided into three types, namely infrasonic wave, acoustic wave and ultrasonic wave. The frequency of infrasound wave is below 20Hz; The frequency of sound wave is 20Hz~20kHz; The frequency of ultrasonic wave is above 20kHz.

Among them, infrasound waves and ultrasonic waves are generally inaudible to the human ear. Because of its high frequency and short wavelength, the ultrasonic wave has good directivity and strong penetrability, which is why the ultrasonic cleaning machine is designed and manufactured.

Ultrasonic bottle washing machine is mainly composed of ultrasonic washing tank and ultrasonic generator. The ultrasonic cleaning tank is solid, elastic and corrosion resistant. The bottom is equipped with ultrasonic transducer vibrator. The ultrasonic wave can be transmitted to the transducer through the cable connecting line, and the transducer and the vibrating plate generate high-frequency resonance, so that the solvent in the cleaning tank can be cleaned by the ultrasonic wave.



Operating Steps

When using the equipment, the operators need to strictly follow the following requirements step by step.

First, connect the cable between the cleaning tank and the generator;

Secondly, pour the detergent into the cleaning tank. It should be noted that the amount of detergent poured is about three quarters of the total liquid level when the object to be cleaned is put into the tank. Then put the cleaned product into the cleaning tank and plug in the power plug;

Finally, set the cleaning time and restart the machine.

When using the equipment, pay attention to several problems:

The power supply of ultrasonic bottle washing machine and electric heater must have good grounding devices;

It is forbidden to start the ultrasonic bottle washing machine without detergent, that is to say, the ultrasonic switch cannot be turned on without a certain amount of detergent added to the washing cylinder;

It is forbidden to turn on the heating switch when there is no liquid in the cleaning equipment with heating equipment;

Do not hit the bottom of the cleaning cylinder with heavy objects to avoid damage to the energy converter chip.

Reasons for unsatisfactory cleaning

The liquid level of the cleaning solution in the cleaning tank of the ultrasonic bottle washer is not good, which will lead to unsatisfactory cleaning. The liquid level of the washer needs to be adjusted to improve the cleaning effect.

If the ultrasonic frequency coordination is not adjusted properly, the ultrasonic cleaning machine will not be cleaned satisfactorily and needs to be readjusted.

If the liquid temperature in the cleaning tank is too high, the cleaning will not be ideal. Therefore, the temperature of the cleaning solution should be controlled.

The improper selection of the cleaning solution is also one of the reasons for the unsatisfactory cleaning of the ultrasonic cleaner, and it is necessary to select the appropriate cleaning solution.

In fact, the high-speed vibration of ultrasonic wave can clean and sterilize the surface of cleaning articles, with obvious cavitation effect, cleaning efficiency is significantly higher than manual cleaning, and there will be no dead corner and damage. However, these effects are based on correct operation process and reasonable and effective production environment. Therefore, in order to achieve better cleaning effect, operators need to pay attention to some operating matters.

Granbosonic Ultrasonic Cleaner

Granbosonic Ultrasonic Cleaner

Daily maintenance

1. Keep the equipment workplace ventilated, dry and clean, which is conducive to long-term efficient operation of equipment and optimization of working environment conditions;

2. If the cleaning solution is too dirty, it should be handled in a timely manner, and the dirt in the cleaning tank and the liquid storage tank should be cleaned regularly to keep the inside and outside of the cleaning tank clean, which can improve the durability of the cleaning tank;

3. The electrical control box and equipment vent shall be far away from water vapor, corrosive gas and dust, and the attached dust shall be cleaned regularly with compressed air;

4. Regularly test the insulation performance of the equipment. Regularly check the aging electrical components and the grounding wires to ensure that the equipment is well grounded. This project must be carried out by electricians with professional experience;

5. Test the power supply regularly to confirm that it meets the requirements of the power supply voltage of the equipment, and avoid long-term operation under the unstable power supply that is too high or too low;

6. For equipment with filtering device, filter element shall be replaced regularly;

7. For those with transmission mechanism, grease, engine oil and other lubricants shall be added regularly as required, and gear oil of reducer shall be replaced regularly to ensure that moving parts work under good lubrication conditions.

Circuit Board

Circuit Board

Key points for maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. During the cleaning process, we should pay attention to many places, especially do not splash conductive liquid (such as water) from the air inlet at the top of the ultrasonic control cabinet, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the circuit system of the cleaner;

2. Always keep the machine clean when it is normally placed, and turn off the power when it is not in use;

3. Our machine is not crash resistant, so we should avoid collision or violent vibration when using it;

4. The machine is bad for electronic components and circuits under high temperature, so we should keep away from heat sources;

5. While keeping away from heat sources, we should also avoid putting the machine in a damp environment;

6. The continuous working time of the machine shall not exceed 4 hours. If the continuous working time is too long:

Turn the ultrasonic adjusting knob to “0” position, and let the cooling fan continue to work. Heat the ultrasonic control cabinet for at least 2 minutes when the ultrasonic cleaning is not started;

7. For the cleaning machine that has been running for a long time, first set the power knob to zero before shutdown, and then use its fan to work for another 3-6 minutes before shutdown to ensure that the heat inside the power supply is dissipated;

8. The cleaning solution shall be precipitated, filtered or replaced in time to ensure the cleaning effect.

In order to make the system cleaner work normally for a long time, in addition to avoiding non-standard operation, the cleaner should also be regularly maintained and serviced, and the following work should be done well:

① Clean the contaminated cleaning fluid in the oil tank.

② Run the oil pump regularly for at least 10min each time.

③ After the cleaning machine is used up, cover it with a cover and do a good job of dust prevention and moisture prevention.

The above are the key points of daily operation, maintenance and repair of the ultrasonic cleaner. In general, it is no different from other machines. However, there are many problems that should not be ignored when using the ultrasonic cleaner, which also deserves attention. Only when the ultrasonic cleaner is used properly can it be used correctly.

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