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The application of ultrasonic cleaning technology in product design cases

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Based on ultrasonic cleaning technology product development. The first comprehensive consideration of factors affecting the cleaning effect. And then combined with the cost of the product, the market, production and other conditions, reasonable configuration of open production design elements.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaner

Industrial ultrasonic cleaner

Deficiencies in the original product:

The original product has many existing problems in the process of use. Poor waterproof performance, easy to make the liquid seep into the body, easy to heat up when the equipment is working. The lack of cleaning after the post-processing equipment. Button operation too much when the contact will not work. The lack of personalized design, can not add fun while cleaning, cleaning structure single, no structure distinction. And while having the function of cleaning, there are no other functions. Lack of product design language, the grasp of the cleaning structure is not accurate, power consumption is relatively large. In the work of the body vibration violent, noisy, affecting life.

Solution case:

The use of a new water sealing technology. Adding a sealing soft rubber on the vibration tank to improve the airtightness while making the resonance more stable, but also to reduce the noise. In the shell using a molding process, so that the shell more solid, better sealing. Increase the thickness of the shell so that the body in the use of the process to reduce the impact of vibration on the environment. But also a combination of modular design to facilitate cleaning.



Advanced ultrasonic cleaning process, and generally also use multi-tank automatic, joint cleaning procedures. Increase the digital display and automatic power off function. Design lines simple, color use of light colors, giving people a relaxed, clean, environmentally friendly visual experience, simple lines in appearance, more stable, full of atmosphere. In the structure more relevant to the principle of ultrasound. So that the cleaning effect is better. In addition, you can use dual-frequency, multi-frequency and sweeping frequency work to avoid cleaning “blind spot”.

For the application of ultrasonic cleaning technology case conclusions and prospects

Will involve in the case of problems and solutions are summarized as follows.

1. For the problem of excessive ultrasound. In the use of the process should pay attention to noise reduction and water sealing issues. The key lies in the components, between the product and the vibration piece should minimize the noise generated by vibration. In order to reduce the impact on life in use;

2. To understand the needs of customers. For the specific user groups through the design, design the appearance of different groups in line with the form, tailored for a variety of user groups;

Ultrasonic Cleaning Plate

Ultrasonic Cleaning Plate

3. In the design process to add more interesting design. Making it more suitable for the family relaxed environment.

Future prospects for the application of ultrasonic technology in industrial products.

1. Can add to the ultrasonic cleaning machine digital display and automatic power off function to prevent overheating cause by the destruction of the body. While adding heat dissipation device to ensure effective work for a long time;

2. After cleaning to join the automatic drying function. So that products can use directly after drying;

3. Work to increase the music playback function. So that the cleaning process is no longer a boring thing, the internal setting of different specifications of the inner liner slot, you can clean different items;

4. Appearance design more humane will also be the future direction of ultrasonic cleaning machine design.



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